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 Laptop with Powerpoint facility (£30 per session)

 Computer projector (free for groups of 8+) or large screen tv as fitted

 Speakers for connecting to a laptop


 Flipchart & pad with pens (first one free, additional £7 each)


 Extension lead

 PA System - certain rooms only (charges may apply)

 Mineral water for all attendees (£0.90 half day, £1.50 full day)

 Morning Danish pastries (£2.95 per serving)

 Afternoon selection of cakes (£2.95 per serving)

 Fruit juice (£1.95 per serving)

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Finger buffet (£7.75 per person)
Sandwiches, nibbles, cakes, fresh fruit, soft drinks

Light finger buffet (£5.75 per person)
Sandwiches, crisps and fresh fruit

Not required

Any additional catering requirements (special diets, etc)

If using our premises to prepare food, please can you confirm that those doing this have received food safety training and are operating under a documented food safety system:
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Child Safeguarding

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